The 8th workshop in this series was entitled "Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems" and was successfully held at Cumberland Lodge, 25th-28th July, 2022. Below is the workshop programme, the abstracts for the talks/posters and the full list of participants.

Windsor2022 organising committee: 

Stephen Clark (Bristol), Juan Jose Mendoza-Arenas (Bristol), Dieter Jaksch (Hamburg) and James Annett (Bristol)


The 2022 workshop had the following invited speakers:

Brendon Lovett University of St Andrews

Gabriele de Chiara Queen's University Belfast

Andrew Daley University of Strathclyde

Janne Ruostekoski University of Lancaster

Andreas Buchleitner Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg

Nigel Cooper University of Cambridge

Igor Lesanovsky University of Tuebingen

Chris Hooley University of St Andrews

Juan Garrahan University of Nottingham

Gunnar Moller University of Kent

John Goold Trinity College Dublin

Mauro Paternostro Queen's University Belfast

Janet Anders University of Exeter

Mark Mitchison Trinity College Dublin

Jens Eisert Free University of Berlin

Achilleas Lazarides Loughborough University

George Booth King's College London

Joe Bhaseen King's College London

Ulrich Schneider University of Cambridge

The following contributed speakers where selected to give our showcase evening talks:
Kenza Hammam*         Queen's University Belfast
Heidar Moradi University of Kent

The workshop will also have contributed talks from the following speakers:

Cecilia Chiaracane Trinity College Dublin

Stefano Scali               University of Exeter

Christian Duffin           Loughborough University

Matteo Carlesso         Queen's University Belfast

Yannic Rath                 King's College London

Aydin Deger                Loughborough University

Orazio Scarlatella        University of Oxford

Massimo Bortone       King's College London

Sinuhe Perea               King's College London

Shane Dooley              Trinity College Dublin

Dominik Lentrodt Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg

Eric Brunner Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg

David Bachmann Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg

Participants and poster presenters (*) are:

Joe Crossley*                University of St. Andrews

Francisco Zuniga Frias* University of St. Andrews

David Strachan University of Bristol

Edward Gandar* University of Exeter

Christopher Willby University of Oxford

Zia Muhammad University of St. Andrews

Martin Kiffner University of Oxford