We are delighted to confirm the our plenary speaker for the 2024 workshop is:

Adolfo del Campo, University of Luxembourg

along with the following invited speakers:

Juan Garrahan, University of Nottingham

Janet Anders, University of Exeter

Katarzyna Macieszczak, Warwick University

Achilleas Lazarides, Loughborough University

Lucia Hackermüller, University of Nottingham

Marzena Szymanska, University College London

Joe Bhaseen, Kings College London

Gabriele De Chiara, Queen's University Belfast

Jonathan Keeling, University of St Andrews

Andrew Daley, University of Oxford

Igor Lesanovsky, Universität Tübingen

Andreas Buchleitner, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Ahsan Nazir, University of Manchester

Mauro Paternostro, Queen's University Belfast

Dario Tamascelli, Universita` degli Studi di Milano

Gunnar Möller, University of Kent

Brendon Lovett, University of St Andrews

Berislav Buca, University of Copenhagen

Andreas Nunnenkamp, University of Vienna

The workshop will also have contributed talks from the following speakers:


Participants and poster presenters (*) are: